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Before & After Paint Studio Redo!

Victoria Wynn Comments Off on Before & After Paint Studio Redo!
2 days ago my WYNN modern art. sanctuary (aka room I paint in) looked like…

When It’s Okay To Quit

Victoria Wynn Comments Off on When It’s Okay To Quit
??‍♂️ Even with someone like me; A true entrepreneurial hustler; A heart centered driven artist…

When CEO’s Chat: Behind The Scenes

?VIDEO: Testinonial from CEO of OM Matters! I had a powerful chat with Tambra Wayne…


Gracious and Encouraging

Victoria is so gracious and encouraging. She is an amazing teacher and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you for such a wonderful lesson and I really hope you come back and teach us more soon! Very happy to be connected to you!

Amanda Jones
Feature Reporter/TV Host Fox 13

Love Her Online Courses!!

I discovered Wynn Modern Art earlier this year after discovering Victoria Wynn‘s work in a FB group for fluid art. I saw that she offered online courses and decided that I really wanted to invest in learning from such a talented artist who has amazing artwork. Once I had taken the Level 1 LUXE Master Class, I was hooked!  I’ve watched many youtube videos but found myself frustrated. Victoria’s classes really helped me GET IT. The LUXE products are amazing and they are the only items that I use in my paintings.

Edie Osborn
Fine Artist

Not just an artist!

Her work is not only “awe-inspiring” and creative, but the manner in which she shares it provides inspiration, motivation, and exudes positivity.  I personally have been uplifted by her, her work and her words of positive encouragement.  Victoria is not only an amazing artist, but also a gifted motivational speaker.

Lora Ruben
Admiring Fan & Inspired Follower