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Welcome to the WYNN modern art. Free SEASCAPE Page!

New News for nature lovers! We just launched THE LIGHTNING LINE! Add these LUXE Powders to your oceans for a bioluminescent effect or watery shimmer


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Our seascape page offers you the opportunity to step out of stress, hustling and life drama.

It’s a place to come together to pause, learn, breathe and create oceanic art with the support of myself (Victoria Wynn) and our brand ambassador, Federico Portalupi (also known as “ART BY FED”)   You can also join my VIP group here: VIP TRIBE on Facebook



Fed has taken the ocean resin world by storm and well, he’s just a really good human!  So we’ve teamed up to bring you this seascape event!   He’s my guest, my friend and an inspiration to so many creatives out there.

LUXE WaterFX is back in stock!

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What does this SEASCAPE page offer?

  • TIPS for creating nautical art
  • SECRETS to realistic waves
  • LUXE PRODUCT DEALS *Our products are developed for RESIN & ACRYLIC artists*
  • and ocean guidance in my VIP Facebook Group!  (click here to join)


*Our LUXE products are developed for RESIN & ACRYLIC artists

 BIG NEWS: Our golds have changed to a finer, deeper, bolder and even more lustrous sheen!


✔️Golden Glow: Looks similar to our former rose gold powder but finer and shinier!

✔️New Rose Gold: Looks like wet sand on a glistening sunset beach ?

✔️24K: Soft yellow champagne gold to die for!


LUXE Metallic Powders we recommend for oceans! 


Rose Gold

Golden Glow

Teal Island

Borealis Blue (Northern Lights Line)

Nautical Navy

Atlantic Blue

Chantal’s Comet (Galaxy Line)

Opal 2.0

Electric (Galaxy Line)

Silk (Galaxy Line)

Mint Radiance

Pixie Wing


LUXE Crushed Mirror (1 lb. bags)

Clear Silver



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BELOW: PART 1– This is a quick and fun 4 part series all done in the same sitting, but broken up in to 4 bite sized videos!


  • Atlantic Blue Powder
  • Nautical Navy Powder
  • Opal 2.0 Powder
  • Teal Island Powder
  • Chantal’s Comet Powder

BELOW: PART 2– This is a quick and fun 4 part series all done in the same sitting, but broken up in to 4 bite sized videos!

BELOW: PART 3 – This is a quick and fun 4 part series all done in the same sitting, but broken up in to 4 bite sized videos!

BELOW: PART 4– Creating ocean waves with Varathane?!  What the heck is going on in this world!  😀  Have a watch!


BELOW: Enjoy a high speed RESIN video with Federico using WYNN modern art. LUXE Crushed Mirror and LUXE Metallic Powders in this stunning ocean piece!


BELOW: My background in art is in realism, enjoy a relaxing video of me adding love and visual interest to one of my seascapes


BELOW: Art by Fed uses LUXE Crushed Mirror & LUXE Metallic Powders for a stunning island in resin!


BELOW: Simple tricks to giving your paint depth and intense shine


BELOW: To blow waves with a straw, the trick is to find the right sized straw for your breath and blow in a wave like design.  Also aim your straw at a slight angle. If you blow straight down on the paint you’ll get a splatter effect rather than rolling waves.

Watch closely…


BELOW: Art By Fed creates an ocean heart using LUXE Nautical Navy powder and LUXE Clear Crushed Mirror!


How do I best showcase your LUXE powders in video for more sales?

The above photo doesn’t have any filters, I simply used the tips in the below videos!



More free mini classes are being uploaded! We can’t wait to share our tips with you using the LUXE products and innovative techniques.  CHECK BACK DAILY!