Wynn Alcohol Ink Technique

4 Steps To Jaw Dropping Alcohol Ink Art

?  For those looking to NOT feel overwhelmed by alcohol inks, these free classes are for YOU!

This page is devoted to the exciting discoveries & innovations by Victoria Wynn surrounding alcohol inks when combined with top coat/embellishing medium, non toxic “LUXE WaterFX” and new commercial grade liquid glow product, “WaterFX GLOW”!

For this technique you can interchange the LUXE WaterFX products!  (“Clear”, “All Lit Up” & our 3 “WaterFX GLOW” colors!


⚠️ I’ve personally innovated these techniques through hours of trial & error. When using them, please give credit by using the term “Wynn Alcohol Ink technique” when you share them. It would be greatly appreciated! -Victoria Wynn



UPDATE: We just launched a new Northern Lights Powder called “Alaskan Sky” (click here) and a liquid glow product called ”Waterfx GLOW”




I’ve found that not only can I use both of these products to create Northern Lights (click here) & realistic oceans, but I’ve been creating stunning opal and labradorite stone effects using this same alcohol ink technique. ( “Alaskan Sky” Powder is a favorite amongst our resin customers!)


What do we love about “LUXE WaterFX”?
It has a wet “resin look” without the toxicity!

? For the science minded:

LUXE WaterFX is a water based, non hazardous acrylic polymer emulsion specifically designed to dry quickly, protect wood and canvases and look wet when dry! ?

LUXE WaterFX GLOW is a commercial grade, ultra 10-hour illumination, water-based, liquid glow product developed for wood, canvas, coasters, plastic and glass.


The combination of the 2 mediums has been a game changer for customers and a ground breaking new technique brought into the art world!

Alcohol Inks + LUXE WaterFX


It’s simple and relaxing with the excitement of mind blowing results!

Enjoy these free classes by Victoria Wynn…


(New Kaleidoscope Flakes in “Morning Dew”)


?‍♀️ What LUXE products do you need for this effect? (Most of you have them!)

1. Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder (click here) or other LUXE Color Shifting Powder.
? Tip: For warm coffee/ caramel palettes I sprinkle “Saturn’s Rings” Powder!

  1. LUXE WaterFX (this technique takes so little product!)

? Optional: LUXE Crushed Mirror (click here), Gemstones, LUXE Kaleidoscope Flakes in “Morning Dew”, Sinatra LUXE Powder, LUXE 3D Bubbles (click here)



A few simple steps to get you started!

? Grab a dollar store canvas ?

?Pour WaterFX in the middle and tilt a bit – no need to cover the whole canvas. Negative space is much more striking!


? Add droplets of alcohol inks to the areas you’ve poured your LUXE WaterFX (not the dry canvas)  (Suggestion: Use blue, turquoise, white and green inks as a winning color combo)



?Add drops of Piñata gold until you’re so relaxed and happy you start to doze off ? ?


?Tilt boldly to get a marbled effect. Tilt slightly (or not at all) to get a crystalline geode effect


?Sprinkle a touch of Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder (click here) for that WOW factor. (Other LUXE Color Shifting powders will look equally as glorious)


?✍? Sign the corner with a gold pen! And hang or sell! ?



? TIP: Wood & cradle board work

 incredibly well!


? Where to buy products for this project:

✔️Alcohol Inks (Dick Blick’s, Amazon, Michael’s, Jerry’s)

✔️ Small canvas (Dollar Tree)

✔️ For larger projects I recommend using wood or cradle board since the LUXE WaterFX can get heavy  (A level 3 Michael’s canvas works well too!)

✔️ LUXE Opal 2.0 (click here)

✔️ LUXE WaterFX (click here)

?Want IN on the LUXE WaterFX bulk pricing deal? It’s 50% off when purchasing a gallon

?Email: [email protected] to see if we have another available! The gallons go fast!!



To start, I used a dollar tree canvas and practiced making drops with the alcohol inks.
This simple practice was one of the most relaxing things I have ever done!

?Plus the droplets all turned into mini geodes!

? How does it get better than THAT!


Slow, steady and relaxing

(The ABOVE silent video was made my very first day innovating the use of alcohol inks in LUXE WaterFX)


FULL 17 minute Class!

Class Level: 1

Supplies needed:

✔️Wooden Tree Of Life (click here)

✔️LUXE WaterFX (click here)

✔️Alcohol Inks (Amazon, Michael’s, Dick Blick’s, etc)

FULL 24 minute Class!

Class Level: 1

Supplies needed:

✔️Wooden turtle (click here)

✔️LUXE WaterFX (click here)

✔️Alcohol Inks (Amazon, Michael’s, Dick Blick’s, etc)

✔️LUXE Saturn’s Rings Color shifting Powder (click here)





FULL 27 minute Class!

Class Level: 2 (Because I use the LUXE WaterFX in new ways and add LUXE Crushed Mirror in this video!)

? SLOW MOTION video showcasing how easy it is to use LUXE Crushed Mirror as an optional embellishment



FULL 35 minute Class!

Class Level: 2 (Because I use the LUXE WaterFX in new ways beyond level 1 and add LUXE “Morning Dew” Flakes in this video for a realistic stone effect!)