Before & After Paint Studio Redo!

2 days ago my WYNN modern art. sanctuary (aka room I paint in) looked like a bomb hit.

I’m a bit private but decided to make my space public in this blog. I don’t let students in this room, and only 2 people have seen it.


But! It was a nightmare so I took a full day to completely pull everything out and only put back what I needed.

That’s my big tip.

  1. Don’t organize what’s in there. Pull everything out and ONLY bring back in what’s absolutely necessary

  2. Before bringing anything back in ask 2 questions, do I really need it nearby and if so, how many do I need

  3. Get a simple caddy/organizer to keep the most important items on the table. (Ie cups, scissors, stir sticks, etc)

  4. For my plastic table cover I use either dollar tree plastic table cloths for parties or 3M Painters film (or both!)


I can’t wait to get back and paint and hang some art! I have lots of wall space to hang art.


  1. Only hang the art you find most inspiring and uplifting. Not the pieces you can’t stand.

  2. Make your room smell nice and if you’re like me and love water, add a little water feature.
    I can’t wait to turn mine back on again! ?


And my last tip! See those gorgeous extremely expensive tall craft tables? I got both from the classifieds section in the same day!! I love the company that makes them and happened to find 2 of the same ones!

Keep your eyes open for great deals!

My tables are from IKEA (there’s 3 pictures) and I purchased the extendable legs so I could have a taller art space.

The white chair was from a furniture liquidation warehouse and the stool from

My plastic buckets for mixed paints and powders come from Amazon

?Comment with your tips and suggestions!


Before & After Paint Studio Redo!

Victoria Wynn

Victoria Wynn describes herself as an introverted people lover. She’s a passionate and heart centered LUXE Fluid Artist and CEO of WYNN modern art. She can be found in Forbes, Fox TV, working with Disney and in women’s magazines globally as she writes and speaks on business, love and art. For Victoria, creating this innovative style of art and using her WYNN modern art. LUXE products like crushed mirror, gemstones and metallic powders is a spiritual experience, a source of meditation and a means to help people manage the stresses of the world.